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Welcome to Sanctorum, a villain league on DCUO USPS3

We are a laid back raiding league that's more focused on having fun playing a game, and not being one of the elitist leagues on the server.

Citrik / Sep 16, 2013
So, now that we weeded out all of the slackers, the next step is to try to figure out times for raids to ensure that everyone who wants a spot gets one. This will also help with recruitment as far as seeing what roles we are in need of to fill any spots.

So, in this thread, put down what time of day works best for you for a potential weekly raid group, and make sure to include your time zone. To make it easy on me, because it's all about me, go ahead and list your role as well. Do not include any alts, we'll deal with those once everyone's main character has a spot. I'll leave this open for a couple of weeks. Get to it.

Be sure to list an end time also. For example, don't say available after 8 when you'll be getting off at 10. Not really helpful. Let us know from (time) until (time). If you don't necessarily have an end time, don't worry about it. Otherwise edit your posts with what time you'll want to be off by or whenever your wives start cracking that whip.